Social Reach Optimization
Nicole Verstraten
August 11, 2023

SRO program: the Social Activator

Like most improvement programs, Social Reach Optimization will achieve greater success when your top team visibility supports it and gets involved.

This is why your Social Activator should usually be one of your C-level management executives, often occupying top-level management positions. They make strategic decisions that affect the direction of your business and so their support for SRO adds weight to the message that this is a vital part of the company’s future direction. Most organizations choose to appoint about five Social Activators but this will of course depend on the size of your organization and top team.

Social Activators play a critical role in inspiring the rest of the organization to actively share content on social media. They have great influence and can inspire staff to join a wave of activity by showing them how the program works and dispelling any concerns that it will take up a lot of time - after all, they’re often some of the busiest people in any organization.

Externally, they wield further influence. Typically they have a large professional online network. These channels are very effective for sharing thought leadership content, claiming authority and raising awareness of your employer brand. As a Social Activator they inspire other ambassadors within your company to achieve the same, by explaining and demonstrating the wide ranging impact of their own activities.

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