Social Reach Optimization
Nicole Verstraten
August 11, 2023

Social Reach Optimization works for these departments and types of organizations

By now, you’ve probably read all about why you should implement Social Reach Optimization (SRO) and want to know more about how to apply it in your organization. Which departments benefit the most from SRO? And for what types of organizations does SRO work best? Read all about it in this blog post and discover if SRO is the right strategy for your organization.

Benefits for different types of organizations

For which organizations does SRO work best? Short answer: SRO benefits every organization. That’s why Social Reach Optimization is so powerful. Whether you’re a small business that wants to improve their visibility on social media, or a large organization that wants to reach more people through different local offices, franchises, or dealers, SRO can help you flourish. 

That’s because Social Reach Optimization helps you to build a consistent brand image, strong content strategy, and clear structure for your organization. Every brand ambassador or business partner knows exactly what they need to do to support your marketing strategy. Also, SRO works well even if you - or your retailers or franchisees - don’t have a (large) marketing staff, because it saves time on your social media activities and helps you to keep an overview of your results.

SRO for your entire organization

In many organizations, each separate department - such as marketing, sales, and HR - is responsible for reaching their own goals. And that’s a missed opportunity, because it takes an entire organization to convert prospects to customers, from sales to customer success and product marketing. However, one of the findings from a survey by the Content Marketing Institute is that 57% of marketing employees rarely or never collaborate with their sales department on how to assess content effectiveness. 

But there’s a shift going on. Social Reach Optimization (SRO) aims to involve everyone in your organization, from every department, to achieve all of these goals more effectively. In this scenario, your marketing department plays a central and facilitating role within an entire marketing organization. How does that work? By involving employees as your brand ambassadors, they share authentic, highly relevant content about your organization. This boosts your reach and visibility on social media, which, in turn, supports your sales, recruitment, and HR efforts. Let’s go into a little more detail. 

SRO for sales, recruitment, and HR

SRO supports social recruitment and social selling as well. What does that look like? 

  • Cold acquisition is becoming less and less effective. So why not let your prospects come to you? Sales reps who share their expertise on social media and implement social selling are 51% more likely to hit their sales targets. 
  • Employee advocacy encourages social interactions within your organization, as well as sharing work-related content on social media. This improves retention and helps employees to feel more engaged, which are some great benefits for HR managers
  • Finding new employees is challenging in a tight labor market. Through SRO, your followers can read authentic stories from real people about what it’s like to work at your organization. This improves your employer brand, which can lead to 50% more suitable applicants and 43% lower costs for each hired employee. 
  • Sharing authentic stories will also help you to reach latent job seekers, a group that comprises 47% of all job seekers. Regular job openings won’t spark their interest, but will only reach the 11% of active job seekers. To really get people excited about your organization, you need more visibility and a stronger employer brand. And that’s exactly what SRO delivers.
  • Leads and job applicants that enter your organization through employee advocacy are 7 times more likely to convert. That’s because people trust personal posts more than corporate content. One of the many benefits of SRO!

Transform into a marketing organization

Are you ready to start with SRO? Transform into a marketing organization and discover the benefits for your marketing, sales, and HR departments! Want to know how to start your transformation? Check out our blog for tips on how to persuade your colleagues to become brand ambassadors.

Get started with SRO

Schedule a discovery call with expert Koen Jordaans to discuss the options within your organization!

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