Social Reach Optimization
Nicole Verstraten
August 11, 2023

How Centralpoint put the right people in the right place to get started with SRO

In 2022, Centralpoint merged with Dustin to become one of the largest IT solutions and reselling companies in Europe. They started working with Apostle in 2017 with a small group of ambassadors, and have now grown to a 150-strong team of brand ambassadors. Already they have reached millions of potential customers and employees using Apostle.

We started to work with Centralpoint on their social selling and social recruitment projects five years ago. At this point, social media accounted for only a small part of their marketing mix. This is how they got started with Social Reach Optimization.

How did Centralpoint start their SRO journey?

It all started with a forward thinking CEO, social activators, an ambitious growth plan ánd good content creators. Former CEO, Luuk Slaats, was a big asset to the rollout of Apostle - an enthusiastic thought leader using his personal accounts for social activation. He posted regular company progress updates and shared his views on the IT solutions market and employer branding. This set an inspiring example for the other brand ambassadors to follow.

Centralpoint had also developed an ambitious growth plan. They set the ball rolling with three key people: their marketing manager, sales manager and head of recruitment. These three activators started to post content related to their respective areas of expertise through their networks. 

How Centralpoint made some quick wins with Apostle

After establishing a team of good activators, the results were impressive. They had only set up a few accounts but achieved a great increase in online awareness. Now Centralpoint was ready to start expanding with their social creators. They enlisted account managers from across the business, and recruiters to gather their authentic content. 

The recruiters celebrated new hires, shone a spotlight on internal achievements and followed team building activities. They focused on building Centralpoint’s employer brand and how they invest in and support their employees. 

The account managers drove and supported sales activity by initiating discussion on new developments in each field, Centralpoint’s products and solutions and highlighting IT sector whitepapers that might be of interest to their audience.

These two activities formed a vital additional channel for the marketing, sales and recruitment team, resulting in a 612% increase in online reach, an increase in leads ánd an increase in potential candidates. Smarter use of LinkedIn, has proven the value of starting a conversation with their target group on social media. 

How has Centralpoint’s social media strategy transformed?

Now, Centralpoint’s customer journey takes place online with only support from offline activity, a complete reversal. From a small part of the marketing mix, their social media activity has grown to become their primary source of leads and communication with potential customers. 

From a simple vehicle amongst many others to a strategy, purpose and results, SRO and Apostle have truly changed the way Centralpoint approaches social media.

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