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Nicole Verstraten
August 11, 2023

Want more control over retailers' brand communications? Meet dealer advocacy!

Many brands do not sell their products and services directly to customers, but use dealers instead. These are regional, national, and international stores that sell your brand. Or representatives who bring your brand to potential sellers. As a brand owner, you’ll always be in contact with these dealers, however, they are responsible for promoting your products. And this is exactly where you could improve the process. Want to know how? Meet dealer advocacy!

What is dealer advocacy?

With dealer advocacy, your brand offers social media content to your dealers, which they can share through their own (corporate) channels. You can compare it to employee advocacy, where your employees become your brand ambassadors. With this personal touch, you’ll reach a broader target group with your content and products.

And this is not just limited to regional retailers. Many brands also use sales representatives to introduce their products and services to new markets. You can activate them as well through dealer advocacy, so that they may persuade a potential salesperson to sell your brand.

More control over brand communications through dealer advocacy

Before customers buy a product from a (local) dealer, most of them orient themselves online first. As a brand, you want to capitalize on that. But not every dealer has the necessary marketing skills. And they don’t have to. This is where dealer advocacy comes in. 

By managing your online marketing from a central place, you have more influence on how dealers promote your products online. This helps you to guarantee uniform promotion and create your desired image. You also reach more potential customers regionally, thanks to a constant stream of content.

The benefits for dealers

That sounds good, but how does dealer advocacy benefit dealers? First of all, it takes a lot of work off dealers' hands. As a brand, you’ll create and schedule social media posts for your dealers. All they have to do is choose what content to post. This way, your dealers can keep their customers informed about developments and promotions in a streamlined way. Ultimately, this leads to more reach and sales for them as well.

Dealer advocacy: achieve successes together

With dealer advocacy, you’ll give your representatives and dealers the right input to promote your brand. This will improve your collaboration as awell as the online marketing of your brand and product. 

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