Social Reach Optimization
Koen Jordaans
August 22, 2023

How to scale up your SRO program

By this point, you’ve onboarded your first group of creators and activators, plus a group of social ambassadors. Taking into account the size of your company and your SRO plan, you’ve gradually increased involvement over time. 

It’s time to reflect on your plan and define your next steps. Based on the results, are you ready to invite more ambassadors to join? Who would those colleagues be? Or, if you have vendors, regional groups, other networks, could they be good candidates? 

Our general rule is the more the merrier. When a program is so simple and effective, it makes perfect sense to deploy as many ambassadors as you can. More channels, more followers and contacts equals more leads, candidates and importantly, infinitely better reach for your organization.

The question now is: what is the best way to scale up your activity? Also, can your content creators increase their activity to provide more, great quality content? Good news: we can help. Scaling up is easy with Apostle, because we’ve already anticipated everything you need for a stress-free expansion.

You’ve already spent time explaining in individual sessions how Apostle works to those already involved. You don’t need to repeat this, it’ll cost you too much time! Here are some options for your scalable expansion plan:

The Kick-off Meeting

If you schedule regular kick offs, perhaps monthly or bi-monthly, you can get groups of twenty to twenty five new ambassadors engaged in one session. This is a great way to consistently expand your team. You basically repeat the steps we’ve outlined in previous chapters. This option works best if you already have a shortlist of colleagues. To scale up even more easily, it’s also possible to record the kick-off as a webinar to watch on demand. However, we strongly recommend a personal approach. 

The Keynote

If you’re a large company with lots of brand ambassadors to add to the platform in one go, this might be the option for you. Prepare an inspiring presentation or webinar for all of your colleagues. Clearly explain the main concept of Apostle and let your enthusiasm motivate your colleagues to join the program. This is a great option when you’re aiming to recruit as many people as possible.

The Landing Page

If getting colleagues together is impossible, why not prepare a landing page? It’s ideal for ultra busy people - just a brief explanation of the program, how it works and the added value for the ambassadors. Then, finish with a form to register their interest and make referrals to other colleagues. To make this even easier, we’ve created a landing page for you in Apostle - you can use it as it is, or customize it, then you’re up and running!

When you’ve collected new registrations, invite them to one of your kick-off sessions or just sign up directly if they’re already fully convinced.

There is no right or wrong option for you, just choices. You could even combine options to ensure better coverage and awareness. For example, inform everyone about the program during a Keynote then let them directly sign up afterwards on the landing page. Think about how fast you want to grow, and how many ambassadors you ultimately want to include in your program. 

Soon, you will have more channels at your disposal, and your reach will keep growing. This means that it’s time to shift to a new way of creating and scheduling content. To avoid duplication, you don’t want everyone to post the same content at the same time. Start spreading your posts evenly and don’t schedule every single post for every ambassador. You can also take advantage of Apostle’s AI feature, which instantly creates variations of each post. You can assign these to different ambassadors, ensuring that followers are less likely to see duplicate content.

Now is a good time to divide your users into groups and to start scheduling some of the more specific posts for relevant groups only. However, ensure that every user is receiving enough content to keep the momentum going while you scale up activities. It’s vital to keep everyone engaged and motivated in your SRO project.

Remember, if you need assistance, we’re always here. Contact our support team if you need help with your expansion strategy, and good luck!

Schedule a discovery call with expert Koen Jordaans to discuss the options within your organization!

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