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Nicole Verstraten
August 11, 2023

How to prevent duplicate content for your social media ambassadors

You’ve chosen your initial social media ambassadors and started sharing your first posts. Great! But how do you ensure that the same content isn’t viewed multiple times by the same followers? In this blog post, we’ll discuss three of our platform’s features for varying and spreading your social media content.

Social media and employees: strategy is key

We can all remember feeling overloaded by one brand who didn’t co-ordinate their corporate social media posts effectively. It tends to have the opposite effect than is intended - you might feel that the brand is unprofessional, too pushy, or doesn’t understand how its audience consumes content. When several colleagues share the same content about a news item or event, you might experience similar negative feelings. That’s why it’s essential to use a clear strategy when distributing your content. Luckily, the Apostle platform has your back!

Choose variations of the same post

Your first option is to simply schedule different variations of your posts to add variety to the social media content of your ambassadors. That way, even if someone is following one or more of your social media ambassadors across several channels, they will see different content each time. In our platform, you’ll even be able to use AI to create multiple variations of a single post. Need your posts in different languages? That’s possible too. Simply select which language you need, and the platform’s AI will create your content.

Schedule a wider time range

Another approach is to spread out your content over a longer period of time. Within the Apostle platform, you can simply select the range of time in which your content may be shared by your social media ambassadors. You can schedule these suggestions to appear at random times to different ambassadors, excluding certain days like the weekends. Or your ambassadors may choose for themselves when they want to post a message.

Also, our Smart Calendar allows you to keep track of content that you’ve scheduled for release and gives you an overview of posts for each topic. This helps you to see for which content pillar you need to increase or decrease your content sharing. 

Tailor your content for different social media channels

Lastly, you may choose to schedule different posts for different social media channels in Apostle. This is an excellent approach when you’re editing content for different audiences.  For example, you may want to tailor your content to reach business audiences, clients, or consumers. Find out where your audiences are and adjust your tone-of-voice to the social media channels they use. We suggest choosing a professional tone for LinkedIn and being a bit more playful when engaging your audiences on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Which platforms are best for your organization depends on your objectives and target groups.  

Keeping your social media ambassadors program on track

We hope these tips will help you to improve your content strategy and reach your goal of spreading out your content. Looking for some more inspiration? On our blog you’ll find tips on how to keep your ambassadors motivated and how to use employee advocacy to improve your social selling strategy. You can also read more about how to create a good content strategy. Happy reading!

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