Five reasons why modern leaders embrace the Social shift

Koen Jordaans
April 8, 2021

Before I will give you these five reasons why, I want to tell you some more about the book I wrote on this subject: the Social shift. In this book I share an easily accessible approach to engage your employees in your communication strategy: by creating stories themselves and sharing those stories on their personal social media channels. They will easily grow into your best ambassadors and engaged colleagues.

From social media to 'social thinking'

This book was ranked fifth best at (A renowned Dutch management bookstore). In the next few months I noticed that directors, managers and other leaders experienced this book not only as a communication guide, but as a real management book as well.

Rightly said in my opinion, because the Social shift method is not only about strategically deploying social media. It is about something else as well: ‘from social media to social thinking’.

The use of social media organisation-wide cannot be seen separately from the interaction between employees, the outside world and each other. The transparency and cooperation that result from this effort will change the mindset of the organisation: the mindset becomes more transparent and will be focused on cooperation. Exactly what modern leadership aims for.

From transactional to transformational leadership

Top entrepreneur Michel Muller (Picnic) identified the Social shift as a management book. “A must read for every manager”, he wrote. In our conversations he often mentioned the need for modern leaders.

We have entered a new era after all. There is less space for transactional leaders (directive and task oriented) and more space for transformational leaders (transparent and inspirational). The latter is exactly in line with the Social shift method.

More cooperation, genuine contact

The other way around is exactly what you achieve with the Social shift method. Due to the bottom-up and organisational-wide approach, departments cooperate more easily. Borders between the organisation and outside world disappear. Leaders, employees and customers maintain genuine contact: sustainable, authentic and personal. This creates transparency and trust, the most important preconditions to transfer your vision, beliefs and motivation to others. And will make a real difference. Therefore, it is not surprising that modern leaders embrace our method. I will explain this by means of five reasons:

1. The Social shift makes communication authentic

We live in a time that is all about meaning. It asks for real stories, told by real people from flesh and blood. Those stories are not set up by management teams and marketing departments, but instead are gathered by employees straight from the workfloor. With this kind of content it is easier to create a real connection with stakeholders in the correct way: authentic.

The Social shift method gives you the opportunity to gather content from the workfloor and to share it with those people who were not reachable in the past. Thanks to smart tools, the content is complementary to your corporate and content strategy.

2. The Social shift gives corporate communication a personal touch

Regardless of the story, the person behind it is even more important. There is nothing wrong with corporate communication channels, as long as employees get the chance to share their stories via their own personal social media channels. It provides a more personal and reliable source of communication.

With the Social shift method, you support your employees to become online ambassadors by using their own social media channels. Trust is key, but the Social shift platform also provides a monitoring feature: the platform offers approval flows to ensure aligned and professional content as well.

3. The Social shift connects internally

By using social media more strategically, there is more potential for your external communication. But don’t underestimate the power of internal communication either. Suddenly, your employees get to know which subjects colleagues are working on in different departments of the organisation. In fact, they contribute to this way of communicating.

Sharing authentic stories could provide a lot of positive reactions on social media sites or elsewhere. The Social shift ensures that employees get engaged and proud, especially when they could structurally contribute. And that is exactly what we aimed for with this methodology and what it is suited for.

4. The Social shift leads to 'social thinking'

Now, whoever’s implementing the Social shift in their organisation, does more than communicating only. Your organisation will be set in motion! The potential of your employees will be fully exploited, because they become the eyes and ears of your organisation. They will send and receive messages on your behalf anywhere and anytime, whether they are at work and even in their spare time. They will communicate about what’s going on in their lives and at work.

By implementing the Social shift method, you are not only in the possession of an organisation-wide communication structure, but it results in another way of thinking as well: ‘social thinking’. Employees will open up and become a greater part of the organisation as a whole and will be more receptive to what is happening in the organisation. Marketing becomes social marketing, recruitment becomes social recruitment and sales become social sales. Therefore, the Social shift contributes to the organisation’s goals.

5. The Social shift is easy to implement

Leadership is about people. Technology has to service it. This means that it has to be: directly applicable, easy to use, easily scalable, clearly measurable and a completely customised setup.

The tools that come with the Social shift meet those requirements. That is why the methodology is easy to implement. Because of the complementary growth model (Social Readiness Model), the automated onboarding process and the scalable e-learning, every organisation can communicate with their aimed target audience.

Social shift Readiness Model

Get ready!

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