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Nicole Verstraten
August 11, 2023

Explosive online visibility in times of crises

Stand out from the competition

These days, sales are more than ever dependent upon online presence, not only for your company, but also for your competitors. To stand out, you need a different and innovative approach: deploying your employees on social media.

Make a difference and give your staff an active role in profiling your business to the outside world. Many of your employees are active on social media, and, if they are as proud of your business as you are, they are probably willing to share content about the organization on their personal social media channels. This way, you can reach many more people than through your corporate social media pages.

Why is only a business page not enough?

It is not enough to merely have a business page, because many other companies use social media this way. You will be one of many competing for the attention of a specific audience.

Also, only 1 to 2% of company posts will be visible on your followers' timeline. Social media platforms use this algorithm to guarantee their original goal; communication with '"peers". For your business, this sadly means less online visibility. And that is why the deployment of your employees is so important.

Empower your employees with authentic stories

In this time of crisis, every company communicates about corona hacks and corona measures. Stand out from the competition and let your employees take the floor to put a face to your company. Your employees, in particular, can tell unique stories about your company. The biggest advantage of this approach is that the online reach of individuals is a whopping 561% more than that of businesses. Employees might be in touch with former colleagues in the same industry or have friends with shared interests, for example. Read more about this research in the PDF down below. *

Besides that, a personal message looks more reliable: 92% of consumers have more confidence in private messages from their network than corporate messages. Read more.What real people say is much more credible than what a company shares. Plus, it's much easier to respond to communications from someone you know than a company post. That is why a personal message from an employee is more valuable than a corporate post.

A personal story: especially in times of crisis

In conclusion, personal, authentic stories from employees reach many more people and make your corporate story much more reliable. And reliability is one of the most important things in times of crisis. Stand out from the crowd and let your staff tell the world what happens on the work floor: it's the key to increased online visibility, sales, and brand awareness.

Employee Advocacy Research Report

~ The Marketing Advisory Network

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