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Stefan Kapteijns
January 17, 2023

Enable your colleagues to be brand ambassadors

Nowadays, there are numerous tools available to engage employees as brand ambassadors. However, this software is often only a license, and a proper activation process is not supplied. As a result, there is the risk that employees will become less involved over time. Consequently, the possibilities of employee advocacy are not utilized effectively.

Activate brand ambassadors with the Apostle method

That is the reason the social experts at Apostle support the transition to employee advocacy through the Apostle methodology. This allows you to actively shift the mindset of your organization and colleagues. Your employees will be assigned different roles.

Who gets what role, and what to expect from it? The Social Master, who manages the project, faces the challenge of getting employees involved in the Apostle methodology. The Social Activators motivate everyone so that authentic material is generated everywhere in your organization. The Social Creators are ambassadors who produce the actual content and pass it on to the Social Activators. These Activators again ensure that the right Social Ambassadors receive this content. Then, your Social Ambassadors can share these posts with their social media network via their personal profiles.

Keep brand ambassadors engaged

The package Apostle offers includes various features for optimal facilitation of the methodology and continued activation of brand ambassadors. This way, you keep mobilizing and inspiring colleagues through gamification, challenges, and automation.

By submitting suggestions or sharing messages on the Apostle platform, the employee earns points. In the Leaderboard, the Social Master can see who scores the most points and who is the most active user of the tool. In combination with gamification, you can thus create some internal rivalry.

Stimulate your colleagues with incentives and reward the most active brand ambassadors with, for example, a gift voucher or a bottle of wine. You can also send notifications to the brand ambassadors via the Announcements feature of our tool. This way, you keep everyone alert and encourage people to submit content. Make concrete agreements with all participants.

Organize meet-ups to build support

Another good way to enhance activation is to organise meet-ups. Organise special sessions to gather input, inspire your brand ambassadors, and build support. Together with your Social Activators and Social Creators, you can evaluate the extent to which the action points have been achieved, and where there are still great opportunities left. What content worked well, and what didn’t? Show successful examples to inspire people. Search for new stories and collect suitable content.

Through all of this, your content strategy should always be the focus. Inquire what your brand ambassadors have planned, and respond to current events. In addition, give clear assignments to your colleagues. This way, you keep up the good quality of the content. Moreover, this creates clarity for your ambassadors. A monthly meetup is usually sufficient, but adjust the frequency to meet the specific needs and motivations of your organization.

The potential of online consultation

Especially in the initial phase, it is important to prioritize the Apostle methodology, but it is sometimes difficult to find opportunities to encourage and activate your brand ambassadors. However, you can do this at any time, from weekly coffee get togethers to daily sales meetings. You can also place Social shift on the agenda for regular team meetings.

However, due to the corona crisis, it may be more difficult than ever to meet physically. But, don't worry: you can use countless digital tools to facilitate easy online meetings. This way, you can still gather with a select group of brand ambassadors from the comfort of your home, which will help everyone to stay committed.

Apostle: effective activation

In short, a good activation process is essential to the success of employee advocacy. Employee participation depends heavily on how you encourage your staff. We at Apostle distinguish ourselves in this regard by offering extensive support through the Apostle methodology. Brand ambassadors are thus encouraged to continue sharing content in their network.

With our methodology and our experienced team, we give your organization the tools you need to optimally use social media. Together, we can realise growth and progress through by using the Apostle methodology, putting your company on the map and clearly in view.

Schedule a discovery call with expert Koen Jordaans to discuss the options within your organization!

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