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Nicole Verstraten
January 17, 2023

Brand advocacy platform: more than just a social media planning tool

Brand promotion through Apostle's brand advocacy platform

Let's start from the beginning: what exactly do we mean by brand advocacy? Well, we're actually referring to the active and permanent support people give to your business, intended to promote your brand in an organic way, through a bottom-up approach.

In addition to advertising through marketing and advertising campaigns, this involves the deployment of brand ambassadors. They will ensure that your brand expressions are shared as widely as possible.

Employees can be deployed as brand ambassadors, but retailers are also fit for this job. To help them with this task, the team at Apostle has set up a brand advocacy platform, incorporating our many years of experience in employee advocacy and social media campaigns.

Why a brand advocacy platform?

Due to lack of time and limited knowledge, companies often do not take full advantage of social media. As mentioned before, there are various social media planning tools to support content marketers in creating and scheduling content, but these tools do not deploy your employees as brand ambassadors.

Nevertheless, your employees have their own network, which can be essential for the online visibility of your company. You need to support them to become brand ambassadors, and standard employee advocacy tools don't always offer that support.

Apostle's brand advocacy platform takes a much broader approach by motivating your employees with a complete activation process to contribute through personal content. The result: a more lucrative social media strategy and an improvement in your online visibility (561% more reach than corporate posts (read more about this in the PDF down below)).

How does Apostle's brand advocacy platform work?

Through our brand advocacy platform, we share tools and tips, but also software, with your employees to encourage them to become active on social media. With the Apostle tool, they can submit content, such as texts and photos, to a so-called Social Master. The Social Master will then turn this content into professional messages, ready to be shared by your brand ambassadors.

The tool is accompanied by the Social Shift methodology, a unique method Apostle devised to guide employees with e-learning and a social media manual. This is essential, because knowledge and motivation are necessary to make this approach successful.

Keep your employees motivated with brand advocacy

For a good brand advocacy strategy, the Social Shift process is essential. With training, e-learning, and a handbook, your employees learn to really understand their role in your social media strategy. By motivating them to deliver and share their own authentic content, they become personally and substantively involved.

But, not only is initial motivation important, it is also essential that your employees remain active and enthusiastic throughout the process, and that requires regular brainstorming sessions and meetings. In addition, Apostle's brand advocacy platform uses rewards and gamification. This way, you can keep track of the most active ambassadors, and use incentives to reward good work.

Switch to Apostle's brand advocacy platform today

A brand advocacy platform performs better than regular social media planning tools because the bottom-up approach really motivates your employees to become brand ambassadors. Standard social media tools often only include employee advocacy and business social media channels, but Apostle goes a step further.

Apostle is not only a social media planning tool or an employee advocacy tool; it is a brand advocacy tool. This will help you to achieve your goals, be it extra revenue or improving the visibility of your organisation. Let Apostle help you on your journey to success, and contact us today to learn more about the possibilities.

Employee Advocacy Research Report

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